Accident repair – for bodywork as good as new

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"An excellent repair
to my car."


Heather Rich

"The finish was perfect; you’d think it had come straight from the factory.”


Rory Springer

"Professional, friendly and his work is gold standard."


Lucy Bazeley

Precision Paint’s approved bodywork garage for accident repairs in Wellington, Somerset
All repairs are carried out at our custom designed premises in Wellington, Somerset.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our car body repairs. When you send your car to us for its accident repair, whether that is a dent, scratch or new panel, you can be assured that we use only high-quality materials.


Based in Wellington, Somerset, we are an independent body shop, but have been ‘insurance approved’ for accident repair work. Our first-rate facilities are designed to deliver the best results and our state-of-the-art paint spraying booth provides a perfect dust-free environment for paint.


Our work is precise and thorough. We do not use ‘short cuts’ such as masking areas or spraying over existing paintwork. Bumpers and handles are removed. Dents are worked out manually. Paint is stripped back and the area is cleaned before it is prepped, primed and resprayed. When the car is returned to you, it has been restored to manufacturer standard, although some of our customers say it’s even better than new.

"Precision Paint repaired my BMW after a bump. The car looks better now than it did when first bought!"


Ashley-Louise Guppy, 11 Jan 2019

Your car, your choice

Over 160,000 people each year have an accident on the road. Thankfully a large proportion of these are minor bumps and scrapes.


At Precision Paint, we understand how stressful this time is for our clients. We know that whilst you’re reeling from the shock of the damage to your car and the impact on your day-to-day life, it’s easy to let the car insurance companies take control. They will send you down their preferred route, using their repair centres, often presenting this as the only option.


Unfortunately, the insurance companies’ priority is the cost effectiveness of the repair rather than what is best for you or your car. This isn’t to say the quality of work for all their repair centres will be substandard, but knowing your rights as a consumer can help you feel like you are back in control. It is your car after all.

Under the Consumer Act 2015, you have the right to choose where your car goes for its repairs.

Services we offer:

Accident Repair Work

  • Dents
  • Panel repair
  • Scratches
  • Stone chip
  • Bumper repair
  • Fibreglass body repair
  • Full body resprays 

Vehicle Relay

If your car cannot be driven after the accident, you can call us and we are able to offer a relay service to collect your vehicle and bring it to our garage.

Courtesy Car

We have a courtesy car available whilst your car is at our bodyshop being repaired. Our little Citroen C2’s may not be as glamorous or sporty as your car, but they provide a comfortable, fuel efficient vehicle that is easy to drive. We opted for the C2 as some of our accident repair customers prefer not to drive larger vehicles.

Insurance approved estimates and claim process

If you would like to use Precision Paint for your accident repair, you can be assured that all of our estimates are ‘insurance approved’ and completed on the Audatex system used by all insurance companies.


When you speak with your insurance company to notify them of the accident, you will need to tell them you would like to choose your own accident repair garage and you will need to ask for the claims reference number. Once we have this number, we can log our estimate through the Audatex system. Your insurance company will then access our quote for approval.


In order to provide an accurate estimate, we will need to arrange to view your vehicle at our workshop in Wellington. We may be able to provide an estimate from photographs. In this event we will talk you through the exact shots that we need to make an assessment.

To book your car in please call:

01823 666 289

Three things you should know about your insurance claim:

  1. Protected No Claims Bonus / Discount (NCD)
    If you have opted to protect your no claims discount, making the first claim in your current insurance period won’t impact the number of years on your NCD. In fact, for many big brand insurers, you can make up to two claims in 3 consecutive years of insurance, so do check your paperwork. 

    However, both Compare the Market and MoneySupermarket, who have extensive experience with the Motor Insurance world, note that whilst your No Claims Discount may not be affected, your premium with that provider may rise the following year. If that happens, you may get a better deal if you shop around at renewal. 
  2. Know your excess limits
    Something we see often (and also acknowledged by MoneySupermarket) is that if the damage to your car is minor and your excess levels are high, you may want to consider paying for the damage out of your own pocket. If the contribution to the repair cost from the insurance company will be minimal or zero then paying directly will save you losing any of your NCD. For example, the excess on some insurance policies can be as much as £500 and a bumper repair and respray only costs around £350+VAT. In this instance you would be paying the full amount anyway. But even if your excess total is £400, your insurance company will only be paying the extra £20 and will log a claim against your record. Paying from your pocket will save you losing your NCD.
    Although you may have to ‘notify’ your insurance company. 
  3. Check the small print
    For your own protection, please do double check with your insurance company that they will not penalise you for choosing your own garage by adjusting your excess level. The majority of insurance companies do honour the excess levels. But we have seen some insurers write into their policy document contracts that if you don’t use their repair centre, the excess level is set at a much higher level, one even set it at £800! So, it’s always best to read the insurance companies small print or ask your insurer’s claim handler. 

"Absolutely first class customer service from start to finish.


Not only did Patrick provide an instant quote on viewing the damage, but he and the team managed to fit my repair in to their busy schedule so that my car would be completed in time for my family holiday.

The finished paint work is excellent and was completed ahead of schedule and bang on quote.

I was so impressed that I returned to the Audi dealer at Taunton to thank them for recommending Precision Paint and assured them they should continue to do so.
A personal thanks to Patrick and his team."


Martin Chalmers | 2013