Mark 1 Lotus Ford Cortina Rally Car Paintwork Overhaul

The Lotus-Cortina is a high-performance car, that was produced in the United Kingdom between 1963 to 1970 by the Ford in collaboration with Lotus Cars. Sadly, the MRK1 Lotus-Cortina is now a rare car due to the fact that most of the models have rotted away due to severe rusting. This fabulous MRK 1 Lotus Cortina is used for rallying and The team at Precision Paint give the paint work an overhaul at the end of the racing year.  Regular paintwork restoration helps to keep the car looking great and rust free – but also helps the car to hold its value.

Mark 2 Ford Escort Rally Car Re-spray

This superb lime green Mark 2 rally car was completed early in 2013. See work in progress below.