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At Precision Paint we are passionate about cars. Over the years, our high-quality work and attention to detail has earned us a great reputation. We have built a loyal customer base of prestige and supercar owners, which continues to grow. As testament to the precision of our work, we even have customers transporting their prestige cars to us (via flatbed) from over 150 miles away for either accident repair, paintwork repair or body work customisation.


In fact, because working with prestige cars requires a highly skilled technician, we also receive specialist car referrals from Insurance companies where they know they need a superior job for a fair price.

"Absolutely amazed at the work. Attention to detail in every single area.
Looks better than ever. Would recommend Precision Paint to
any Aston Martin owner looking for work done".


Andy Miller, October, 2019  

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Aston Martin V8 Vantage After Full Body Paint Respray by Precision Paint, Wellington, Somerset

Preserving excellence. Restoring beauty.

You own a supercar like an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Porsche 911 or Ferrari because they are exquisite. Everything about them oozes beauty and finesse, with their sleek lines and precision design. So, when you get a stone chip, scratch or dent, you want it expertly worked out, restoring the cars’ smooth exterior as if the damage was never there.


But we don’t just do accident repair, many of our clients come to us for body work customisations such as adding air ducts, full body custom resprays, or spoiler addition / removal.


Whatever the job, we pride ourselves on an excellent level of finish. If it’s not perfect, it doesn’t leave our body shop.

Posche 911 race car body work restored by Precision Paint, Wellington, Somerset

First-rate facilities. Meticulous process.

To enable us to achieve such great results, our body shop facilities have been custom-designed. Our state-of-the-art paint booth, with its controlled air filtering and extraction, provides the perfect dust-free environment for immaculate results. The paint for each car is mixed on site so we can ensure both an exact colour match and the quality of the paint.


But before the car even enters the booth, it is put through a rigorous and meticulous prepping process. We don’t take any shortcuts. Where appropriate, handles, bumpers etc are carefully and expertly removed. The paint is stripped back and the area cleaned. If the car has been dented, these are worked out by hand for best results. Where customisations have been made, such as air ducts being added or a spoiler removed, the area is treated and smoothed.


Once we have restored the cars’ sleek lines, the car is primed, prepped and finally re-sprayed by hand.

"Watching the work completed from start to finish I could really appreciate the care and attention Patrick takes over every possible detail."

Rory Springer, February 2020

Our body work and specialist paint services:

Damage repair

  • Stone-chip
  • Scratch
  • Dent
  • Accident repair


  • Air ducts
  • Spoilers
  • Refurbished brake callipers and wheels
  • Side skirts and trims + re-spray
  • Custom re-spray
  • Fibreglass re-spray


  • Full body re-spray
  • Full body rebuild, restoration and refurbishment
  • Full strip down and re-spray
  • Specialist paintwork
  • Yearly body work and refinishing

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A body shop you can trust

On any given day, we can have an array of prestige cars in our body shop, so our security system is paramount and includes 24-hour surveillance. This offers peace of mind to my customers and also to me! It means that you, I and your car will all sleep soundly.


We are also ‘insurance approved’ for accident repair and an approved body shop for all the super brands - Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, Bentley etc. So, when you bring your car to us, you can rest assured that any accident repair work will be covered by insurance, we will use only genuine parts.


We have worked on many fantastic supercars. Our gallery shows our body work repairs, customisations and paintwork resprays on a number of prestige cars, and we receive great reviews from very genuinely delighted owners:

Jack Cripps - May 2020

Google review


"My wife hit my pride and joy and I wanted it to look perfect again. Over the years, I had only ever heard glowing reports about Patrick at Precision Paint so booked in with him. So glad I did, as his work is better than when it came out the factory! Wouldn’t risk using anyone else again on a high-end car like mine. He has great passion for his job, great experience and goes the extra mile."

Donald Minchin - Nov 2019

Google review


"After struggling to find someone who was capable and willing to spray a difficult paint job on our Mustang that was damaged in a car park it was great to find Patrick. What an amazing job he has done and his attention to detail is very rare these days. Thank you, Patrick. I will be in touch for you to respray the front of my Overfinch!"

Rory Springer - July 2019

Facebook review


"I recently took in my GT86 to have a spoiler removed, exposed holes welded and the boot painted. I’m very protective over my car and I was delighted at the care Patrick and his team took over the job. The finish itself was perfect, you’d think it had come straight from the factory, no sign of the holes or the repaint. If you want your car worked on by experts who will take care of your car like it’s their own this is the place."

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Your prestige car repair or customisation

Whether you need an accident repair, a customised change, or just want to tidy up your paintwork, please call us to discuss your requirements. We will provide honest answers on how best to fix damage or make custom changes to the greatest advantage to you and the car.